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McPherson’s recognises its environmental obligations to present and future generations. As a progressive Window Cleaning provider, we accept the responsibilities for environmental protection. We look for safer, healthier, more environmentally sustainable work practices, and operate in a manner which protects the environment and prevents pollution.

McPherson’s will be aware of and will comply with applicable environmental legislative obligations and strive for best practice methods by:

  • Setting meaningful environmental objectives and measuring the performance of our Environmental Management System with a view to foster continuous improvement;
  • Aligning ourselves with suppliers who have a strong environmental ethic as part of their culture;
  • Looking at all contemporary environmental aspects of our business, such as using environmentally-friendly products, and sustainable resource use by ‘reducing – recycling – reusing’, wherever possible;
  • Encouraging our clients to minimise their overall environmental impact within the context of a commercially viable operation.

McPherson’s Environmental Policy states that our company will:

  • Encourage full participation and commitment from all employees by carrying out appropriate training
  • Dispose of chemicals and cleaning residue appropriately
  • Use only environmentally friendly chemicals sourced from reputable suppliers as far as practicable.

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