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How our family business benefits you

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Hi, I’m Matt McPherson and I am the Director of McPherson Window Cleaning. My wife and I started our family business back in 2007, and together, with her father and a talented and enthusiastic team of technicians, we deliver safe, quality window cleaning that makes people happy and achieves 100% customer satisfaction every time.

What do we do?

Originally focused on residential window cleaning in the Bayside area, we quickly moved beyond our little patch. Our services are now delivered state wide and include height safety certification and installation, pest control, pressure washing, and gutter and solar panel cleaning.  Our clients have us climbing, cleaning and maintaining high rise office buildings, schools, hospitals, display homes, building sites, body corporates and private homes. Through it all we’ve retained our family values and are proud to be a vibrant family business.

Why do we do it? 

I started McPherson Window Cleaning because the thought of abseiling down a building excited me! And I can’t imagine a more thrilling, outdoorsy and satisfying job. Our team get a kick out of doing a good job and making people happy. We enjoy meeting people, hearing their stories and finding the right solution, and are proud of our track record of excellent service and real relationships with our clients.

We operate as a family business because we are all able to bring different, complementary skills into the business. My wife predominantly runs the business, financial and administrative side, whilst my father-in-law manages our height safety services, certifications and IT. They love being part of a family business as it means we get to spend regular time with each other, we have common goals, and the kids get to know their grandparents really well.

What’s family got to do with it?

As a family we are all on the same team, all committed to the same goal. Our vested interest is in the success of our business, which means we care about the work we do for you and your total satisfaction. We will go above and beyond, and our family support network will be there to push us to do just that. Having the ability to be brutally honest with each other also keeps the business and our commitment to it at its peak and to reflect on ways improve our services or offerings.

How do you benefit my business?

We care about each other and that extends to the clients we work with. We enjoy and trust working with our family, and these standards flow through to the quality of work and the quality of people that we employ. ‘McPherson’ – it’s our name up on the wall and we care about what people think about us. We want to be known as Melbourne’s best quality window cleaning service, with the fairest prices and most caring service. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.


Thanks for reading our story.

Matt McPherson

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