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Here’s how a clean workplace boosts productivity (and reputation)

clean office productivity

How much stuff is in your office? A stack of papers to be signed here, a few files for research there, piles of receipts to authorise, a mountain of emails to conquer in your inbox? Scientists have found that clutter can overwhelm your thoughts and impair your ability to be creative and think clearly.

Having a clean and relatively clutter free workplace is important not only for you, but visitors and clients. Here’s how having a clean workplace boosts productivity.

  1. A clean office cuts down on sick days

Melbourne, winter is back. A new season of coughs and colds doing the rounds via public transport, crowded coffee shops, and the biggest culprit: the office.

It’s been reported that Australian workplaces lose $11.4 billion a year from poor hygiene. Part of that is sick leave – and some of it is lost time with workers preferring to queue for cleaner kitchens and bathrooms rather than use dirty areas.

Cold weather itself doesn’t cause a cold, being exposed to germs does. And during winter we’re more likely to spend time indoors, in proximity to other people and surfaces carrying germs. Keeping surfaces clean gives less chance for germs to take hold in your office.

  1. A clean building creates curb appeal

A clean office extends to the exterior of your building too. Clean windows and facades give the impression that you care about the environment you work in. This can make a valuable first impression for visitors, and helps build your reputation as a credible and professional business.

  1. Cleaning out your inbox clears your mind 

Cleanliness doesn’t just mean our physical environment. Our online life is incredibly prone to clutter – emails that pile up, a desktop full of screenshots and unorganised electronic files can contribute to you feeling overwhelmed and like there’s too much to deal with. Dedicate an hour to online admin a week – file things correctly, archive your emails, turn off push notifications on your phone – and start reaping the benefits of a clutter free online life.

  1. Clean windows make people happy

Happy employees are productive employees. A window free of dirt and markings lets in more sunlight – boosting vitamin D levels and allowing employees to strengthen their connection nature.

  1. A clean workplace is a safe workplace

Providing your employees with a safe workplace to spend the majority of hours in their day is essential. Clean workplaces regularly address fire hazards, fix wear and tear that could lead to accidents, and help manage risks of falling over or catching a cold.

Feeling inspired to do a clean up? As commercial window cleaners servicing Melbourne we have the tools and know how to get your office looking sparkling. Kickstart a clean office today and call us on 1300 301 540.

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