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How much does it cost to have a spotless home?

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External window cleaning

Let’s start with our namesake. For external window cleaning we use a variety of methods to safely clean difficult to reach windows. As a guide, window cleaning for a single level house can cost between $180 – $250 and a double level house is around $350 – $450 for both internal and external glass.

Sparkling pool fence

With 10+ years experience our team are fast and skilled and will get that pool fence spotless in no time at all – unless the kids jump into the pool mid-way through the clean!

Gutter cleaning

Our price for a standard gutter clean is around $350. On a two story home, gutters are a long way up, and height safety measures need to be taken to ensure we can work safely.  The McPherson Window Cleaning team are fully certified height safety experts who abseil off some of Melbourne’s largest buildings, so you can be assured of our commitment to safety and ability to reach every inch of your guttering.

Pressure washing hard surfaces

Muck builds up on pavers and concrete in your driveway, entrance, entertaining and pool areas stealthily. It can often go unnoticed for a while. Pressure washing is one of the most satisfying services we provide, because when we get the pressure washer onto your outdoor surfaces, 99% of the time we achieve remarkable differences. There is often a huge difference between what you think the normal colour of your pavers or concrete are, and what they are meant to be! Removing the muck prevents slipping, deters additional creepy crawlies and brightens your outdoor areas. From as little as $200, we can rejuvenate your hard surface areas and can also wash down your house.

Pest maintenance

Fact: no one likes pests. We get into all the cracks and crevices, inside cupboards, window frames, door frames, clothes lines, rubbish bins, outdoor furniture, mail boxes, and along fence lines to keep your home pest free. Importantly, McPherson’s Window Cleaning use non-toxic pest maintenance sprays that are better for your family and the environment.  Most houses can get away with just an external spray if they are newer or relatively pest-free already.

We provide all of these services and can quote a full package or individual elements, eliminating the need to deal with and coordinate a range of contractors and eliminating the headache. Our transparency and quality service is something we are proud of.

Contact us for a quote to get your place up to scratch before the Christmas guests arrive!

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