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How Solar Technology is cleaning up our streets

As a huge fan of Solar Energy and its environmental impacts, we are completely taken with the new innovations that are happening right under our noses on the streets of Melbourne. This subtle, yet hugely impactful, change means our City is cleaner, smarter and environmentally friendly. Surprisingly, all of this is down to a simple change to our humble litter bin which has become the main player in cleaning up our streets.


The subject of bins might not seem very interesting first off (hence why we didn’t name this article ‘New Bins take Melbourne by Storm’) but what is happening in the CBD to help us clean up is pretty amazing. New Solar Energy technology has now become a feature of every bin in Melbourne which is helping each one smartly dispose of your rubbish. Changes you might have noticed are 1) There are no longer separate bins for recycling; and 2) We have more space! Our bins are now showing off a new, slimmer look. The reasons behind this are fascinating. Thanks to a built-in smart system powered by Solar Energy, the bins can now detect if your waste is recyclable and internally distribute accordingly. It also uses power to gently compact the rubbish which maximises their capacity, providing us with much more space as we wonder through the City.


Our favourite part of the whole innovation (perhaps because we are huge fans of new tech) is that the bins now essentially ‘speak’ to the contractors engaged to empty them. Every time they are verging on being full, a solar panelled sensor lets the contractors know that its time to empty them. This means no overflowing bins with strange smells steadily wafting into your face, as well as less trucks on the road. Thanks to the new system we now need less of the giant waste-removal trucks, not only reducing city traffic, but also reducing those nasty carbon emissions that accompany each one.


Each year Melbourne bins collect an incredible 4800 tonnes of waste. Numbers of visitors and residents are on the rise and so thinking smartly with Solar Energy has been integral to the development of our beautiful City. Being smart with Solar is the way of the future. Thanks to the Solar Panel Cleaning arm of the business we have been exposed to how Solar saves energy and significantly decreases the cost of electricity for the businesses we service. These businesses are thriving thanks to this one seemingly small change. We think it’s fantastic that in something as simple as a bin, we can have huge impact- hats off to the innovators and creators behind this concept.

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