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How to remove Graffiti from your home or commercial premise

Picture this- you start your day in your normal way; perhaps you grab a coffee, check the news, listen to your favourite podcast as you drive to work. With a smile on your face, full of hope for the day, you unsuspectingly pull into your park in your normal way. But wait, everything is not normal! What is this you spot on the side of your beloved building? Some sort of graffiti tag?! Be it a tag, some attempted art, or simply someone needing to remind you of their name, graffiti is one of life’s ‘erghh’ moments for any business owner.

What isn’t known is how to remove it. At McPherson we often smile at the popular image (often used in film or TV) of an aspiring graffiti artist being caught red handed. He/She often meets their redemption by being handed a bucket and a sponge, or sometimes, if the film fancies itself ‘true to life’, there is an added brush and a few more soap suds. If only it were that easy. We are all for the idea of actions having consequences, but sadly the reality is the rebellious vandal would never quite rectify his or her actions with a simple sponge.

Spray paint is one of those paints that is built to endure. As Banksy so often shows us, graffiti is intended to last the test of time, if it were to simply wash off with a bit of water we would be saying “Banksy who?”. Its purpose is to withstand environmental conditions, its built to be tough. That means when we are faced with the challenge of its removal, we have to have to get tough ourselves. Introducing the all mighty pressure cleaner, by using forceful pressure and increasing the temperature you create a combination that is no match for the line that often spells “Kevin was here” all over your building wall.

High pressure cleaning requires an understanding of pressure and a knowledge of how water (and water temperature) reacts with surfaces. Not all walls are created equal and you will often find what works for a metal or plastic surface will in no way work for brick or stone. If you fancy a go at removing graffiti yourself our advice is to talk to us first and get some advice. As mentioned, pressure cleaners only work when you combine the clean with expert knowledge- too hot or too cold, too powerful or not enough force can be devastating to a surface, so know your stuff!

If all of that feels too much, and often it is for the busy business owner, then call in the experts! To our team at McPherson pressure cleaning comes as second nature. We can see a wall and identify quickly how to remove the mark as painlessly as possible. Tags can be removed instantly, and with it the stress and heartache of someone vandalising your property. So before you reach for the bucket and sponge, consider the above, save yourself time, and relax in the knowledge that things can be taken care of in no time at all.

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