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Project spotlight: Going gluten free with Temptation Bakeries

Have a commercial cleaning job you need help with? We can get your business spick and span, just like we did for Melbourne based Temptation Bakeries recently.

They were making the switch from regular flour to gluten free. This meant a clean up of epic proportions – removing every particle of flour and ensuring every surface, nook and cranny was moved from normal flour to gluten free.

The job included cleaning multiple chillers, freezers, walls, ceilings, baking machinery, condensers, fittings, switches and floors. To ensure this 10-year-old-bakery was like brand new we used our new hot-water pressure cleaner unit, and multiple scissor lifts to reach difficult to access areas such as the ceilings and condensers. Plenty of elbow grease was involved too!

The overall results were amazing and we were pleased to hear Temptation passed their food audit as a result and can now begin production. This bakery will now produce more than 800 gluten free pies and other pastries a day for clients such as Qantas airlines.

If you have a job as detailed as removing particles of flour call the McPherson Window Cleaning team. We are commercial cleaning experts servicing all of Melbourne. Our staff are trained and accredited for working at heights, which means we can deliver our pressure cleaning services in hard to reach places. Contact us on 1300 301 540.

Going gluten free at Temptation

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