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Project spotlight: Height Safety at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College has invested in their school’s buildings and students with its roofing upgrade, which included installation of 400 solar panels and height safety equipment.

McPherson Window Cleaning enjoyed partnering with other facility services to complete this forward-thinking project that not only reduces the College’s energy bills and environmental impact, but allows students to safely view the panels and learn about solar energy and its creation.

We partnered with Danihers Facility Management, Trio Plumbing and NuEnergy on the Caroline Chisholm Catholic College project to replace the 3100m² roof, install new height safety equipment and add a 100
Kilowatt solar power system. The 400 photovoltaic panels are expected to generate more than 147,000 Kilowatts of solar power per year, save 176 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and enable the College to save 16% of their annual energy bill.

McPherson were responsible for the installation of height safety equipment on the new roof and a couple of other buildings at the school. We installed the required anchors to keep the school in line with building safety requirements and provide safe roof access for cleaning and maintenance. These upgrades improve the longevity of buildings and lower costs in the long run.

We used different anchors across the school to provide optimal safety and best vantage points for external upkeep, helping the buildings of Caroline Chisholm Catholic College to be able to reflect the school’s high-level of care and presentation.

Leading from an unused storeroom, students and teachers are now also able to access a secure viewing platform high up on the roof. The platform and sturdy barriers are designed for small groups of 10 to
explore and understand solar power and their world from a different perspective (the view is pretty good too).

We’re proud to have worked on such an innovative project where learning is interactive, safety is well maintained, and the environment benefits too.

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