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Spotlight on 22 Peel Street, Collingwood

What do you do when a building desperately needs a professional window and gutter clean, but provides no access to windows or gutters? You call McPherson Window Cleaning of course. What many people don’t realise about commercial cleaning is the amount of work that is undertaken before the clean begins. Safety precautions must be accounted for and the building must be well equipped for a team of window cleaners to abseil from the rooftops. For many commercial businesses this can be a frustrating part of their general maintenance obligations. Having to gain compliance before engaging a window cleaning agency can feel like a daunting challenge when you are not well-versed in height safety.

In our early years of business, we saw this frustration and decided to do something about it. Today, we offer several services to help our clients become ready for a big commercial clean, offering a total height safety service. Our clients no longer have to hunt for different services and instead have peace of mind knowing the certification is carried out by people who work in the industry every day.

Such clients include the team at 22 Peel Street. Like many others, their windows were in need of an extensive clean. There were just two problems- no access and no safety compliance. This problem is what we are specialised in solving. We got to work quickly to ensure 22 Peel Street received the height safety certification and equipment it needed to get the job done.

Bringing them up to standards was a meticulous process. It required our skilled team to address all safety hazards, as well as identify perfect points for the installation of equipment such as anchor points, ladders, walkways, guardrails and fall-arrest systems. This equipment would be responsible for keeping the abseil team safe and compliant; meaning we needed to be certain of the strength of supporting walls and roof structures. Our experienced technicians had to consider everything, not only thinking of the safety of our window cleaners but also the pedestrians below! Once identified, we went straight to work on the installation of equipment.

Abseil ropes were installed on a pair of epoxy glue-in primary abseil anchor points
Pressure testing an epoxy glued anchor point installed into a concrete wall covered by metal flashing
the walkway near the roof hatch was installed on a support frame which allowed it to protrude over the box gutter


Once installation was complete, our technicians inspected and tested the equipment and installations against the compliance requirements of the Australian Standards. The final step was to present Peel Street with their compliance certificate and a detailed report of the certifications. This report helped our clients understand the extensive measures and testing undergone as well as detailed plans of installation points and their usage for future reference, providing immense peace of mind.

To be able to provide a complete service is a rewarding process. It reduces the stress around what can seem like a daunting challenge for the client and increases the satisfaction of a clean building. By offering a height safety certification and report to Peel Street, we were able to demonstrate our expertise and guarantee compliance.

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