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The Cockroach – separating fact from fiction

Our work exposes us to lots of different scenes and scenarios- one of them being face to face with the beastly cockroach. Its true cockroaches have a bad rap- for very good reason- but how much of what you know is actually true?! Try yourselves on these True or False statements and see how you go…




‘Are older than dinosaurs’


TRUE: The cockroach is estimated to be at least 200 million years old. There are even fossils that have been found that date back as far as 350 million years- which predates dinosaurs!


‘Can survive a nuclear blast’


FALSE: it’s true that cockroaches can withstand 10 times more radiation than a person but they could never survive a nuclear event.


‘Can live without a head’


TRUE: The pretty gruesome reality is that they can actually live up to 1 week without a head! Instead of breathing through their mouths they breathe through little holes in their sides- the only reason they die after a week is due to the water they are unable to drink.


‘Eat anything in sight’


TRUE: There is nothing too rotten for these guys. They will eat anything from house plants and left out food to faeces… (apologies if you were eating your dinner). Thanks to this they pick up a lot of bacteria as they go which makes them a very undesirable house guest.


‘Love a beer or two’


TRUE: Believe it or not its been proven through studies that roaches are drawn towards certain beers. Don’t take our word for it but we have a suspicion this might be down to the sugar that is in the beer rather than them needing a relaxing schooner in the sunshine.


‘Are worse as they grow in size’


FLASE: In this instance, size does not matter! A small cockroach can carry just as much disease as it’s bigger, uglier brother. Don’t be fooled by size.


‘Only settle in dirty houses’


FALSE: Too often do we see people in disbelief that cockroaches could invade the home they clean diligently everyday. The facts in the matter are that cockroaches will live in any home where it can enter (through small holes) and has access to food (consider our earlier statement that they will eat anything). It’s true though that you will see them more often in dirty houses as food is more readily available. This means you should keep up the cleaning but don’t feel guilty if they become a problem- it happens to the best of us.


Turns out that there is more to the cockroach than what meets the eye, however, despite them being interesting in a quiz the biggest truth is that these pests carry disease thanks to all the nasty places they like to feed. If you find yourself with a problem, be sure to keep your surfaces clean and cover all food, then give us at McPherson and we will fix the problem before you know it.

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