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The Gutter Brush; saving you time and money this winter.

If you were to give a prize for the most uninspiring name, the ‘Gutter Brush’ would probably win every time. But don’t let its unassuming name fool you; there is so much more to this tool than what first meets the eye.

First off, what are we looking at? With its spikey bristled appearance, you would be forgiven for thinking it was more Echidna than awesome cleaning tool. Just like its name, its appearance doesn’t particularly inspire excitement. However, those spikes positioned along a long bar, arranged in a circle, can be the difference between a clean gutter and a damaged one. The Gutter Brush looks the way it does to best prevent leaves and debris from blocking your gutters. Those handy bristles allow water to flow freely but will stop most debris from entering. By avoiding foliage from piling up, it prevents all associated problems.


What happens without a Gutter Brush?Without a Gutter Brush leaves and debris pile up. Initially, this can’t be noticed, but over time the build-up creates a multitude of problems. Throughout winter, thanks to increased rain and wind, leaves and debris build up in our gutters quickly. What can arise from this is:


  • Bending gutters: Thanks to the weight of build up, gutters bend. This is significant structural damage that can be very expensive to fix.
  • Gutter gardens: the piles of leaves become a fantastic place for new seedlings to take root. If this happens, it can, again, cause significant damage. Roots are challenging to remove and take time to clear completely.
  • Pests: As well as providing a home for seedlings many unwanted creatures can find a comfy spot in gutters full of leafy beds.
  • Staining: Thanks to an inefficient drainage system water tends to be trapped in blocked gutters. This will cause watermarks on buildings. This is, again, difficult and time consuming to remove.

Ultimately, without a Gutter Brush, you cannot prevent leaves and debris from entering. This means increased time and money spent on frequent gutter checks and cleans.


How do I install a Gutter Brush?

The skilled Mcpherson team are fully qualified and trained in Gutter Brush installation and can recommend the best system for your home or business.


Will I never need to clean my gutters again?

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution that means no more gutter cleaning. The Gutter Brush is a preventative tool which stops the frequency of build-ups. This means you won’t have to clean your gutters as often, but you will still need to carry out checks and clean any small sneaky leaves and debris that has managed to work its way past those bristles.


Despite no magic solution, the Gutter Brush is the closest you’ll come to reducing the number of gutter checks and cleaning you need to do. It will mean fewer trips into the cold garden and more peace of mind on those windy days. This upfront investment will save you lots of time and money in the long-term, and our team highly recommend installation.

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