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Why Pests don’t always equal dirty

Most pests come with the stigma of ‘dirty’. Let’s face it, it’s easier to imagine a house riddled with overflowing bins, mouldy food and gross stains being invaded with pests than it is to picture your clean and well-kept home. It’s true that the most common depiction of homes that need pest control are those that are in desperate need of a deep clean. This is for good reason, the abundance of food sources in dirty homes makes pests think they’ve died and gone to heaven. For these ever-hungry creatures, dirty equals food and so, more often in dirty homes, we find pests. However, it is not uncommon to also find them in the cleanest of clean homes, in fact, this is usually what our staff see more often.

Simply put, if there is a point of entry, there is a way for pests to enter your home. Let’s take the most common pest; the cockroach. These cunning creatures have many options for travel. They are known to cling on to supermarket boxes and some products, as well as hitch a ride on unsuspecting guests; however, their favourite means of entry are the tiny holes in your windows, doors or walls, the ones you barely notice. What brings them in isn’t always the allure of food, it can simply be easy access.

The trouble is once they’re in they do need to eat and, lucky for them, they are not fussy. Everything from rotten crumbs to house plants can be their feast for the day, making it hard to convince them to leave of their own accord. It’s important to understand that pests are resourceful when it comes to food and have adapted to seek and find the tiniest bits of nourishment wherever they go. You would need to be super human to destroy all traces of food from your home.

To add to this, particularly during winter, pests are looking to escape the elements and find somewhere warm to rest their weary heads (it’s been a busy summer!). Your home is the perfect choice with its central heating and protected corners. Finding a heat source is a survival tactic that is ingrained in these creatures- if they choose your home, it’s because it’s cosy, not filthy.

Our biggest message in all of this is that if you find yourself dealing with an infestation of pests, 1. Do not feel alone (we have seen many beautiful homes with this issue) and 2. Don’t beat yourself up for not being clean (it’s likely that for all that cleaning, you were simply the unlucky one). Having a clean home can certainly help you in preventing these unwanted guests, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Luckily, all is not lost and McPherson are on hand to help you when you are faced with the task of removing them, with simple steps to take action and a non-judgmental, friendly team dedicated to removing the issue quickly!

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