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ISO 14001-2015 Environmental management systemsWe look for safer, healthier, more sustainable work practices in everything we do. McPherson Window Cleaning is committed to environmentally friendly window cleaning reducing our impact on the environment in which we work and operate. We aim to do this by:

  • Reducing carbon emissions by being mindful of energy use during the day-to-day operations of the business
  • Using renewable energy wherever possible
  • Proactively dealing with waste and recycling where we can
  • Minimising water usage as well as other resources.

We’re an industry leader in sustainability. We were one of the first window cleaning services in Melbourne to use purified water systems. These are better for the environment and now commonly used by window cleaners across the state.

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To help us hit our renewable energy goals, we installed a solar energy system at our office, which provides us with more energy than we need.

In addition to this, we supply all environmentally sustainable cleaning products and equipment at our client sites and only work with suppliers that match our commitment to environmental protection. 

Our Environmental Policy forms part of our independently audited integrated ISO compliance system. You can read a copy of this below, or download a copy.

Our Environmental Policy

McPherson’s recognises its environmental obligations to present and future generations. As a progressive Window Cleaning provider, we accept the responsibilities for environmental protection. We look for safer, healthier, more environmentally sustainable work practices, and operate in a manner which protects the environment and prevents pollution.

McPherson’s will be aware of and will comply with applicable environmental legislative obligations and strive for best practice methods by:

  • Setting meaningful environmental objectives and measuring the performance of our Environmental Management System with a view to foster continuous improvement
  • Aligning ourselves with suppliers who have a strong environmental ethic as part of their culture
  • Looking at all contemporary environmental aspects of our business, such as using environmentally-friendly products, and sustainable resource use by ‘reducing – recycling – reusing’, wherever possible
  • Encouraging our clients to minimise their overall environmental impact within the context of a commercially viable operation.

McPherson’s Environmental Policy states that our company will:

  • Encourage full participation and commitment from all employees by carrying out appropriate training
  • Dispose of chemicals and cleaning residue appropriately
  • Use only environmentally friendly chemicals sourced from reputable suppliers as far as 

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